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Christmas 2018

Three Products...

Tell 'The Story' in a fresh new way!

Christmas octavo

NEW! Christmas 2018 Octavo

This exciting new Christmas octavo reflects on the awewome events that took place at the birth of Jesus our Savior. Full companion products including: DVD split/stereo/click trax, CD split/stereo trax, and Orchestration.

Christmas Duet with Choir

NEW! Christmas Duet with Choir

A duet between Mary and Joseph as they search to  understand the meaning of the journey they must make to fullfill the prophesy of the Chosen One. This heartfelt song is backed by choir.

Christmas Video Prelude

NEW! Christmas Video Prelude

A video prelude to the Christmas story. In a world of such short attention spans, this is a unique way to share the Good News in a concise and timely manner during the worship service.

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